Hello! 👋 I'm Cesar Gómez,

a Web Developer from Colombia 🇨🇴

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About Me

Sharon and me

I’m currently working on Innovate on Demand as Data Analyst. I've done multiple training studies as a web developer using online platforms. Always learning from the best, like Wes Bos and Udemy.

BTW, that little dog you see on the pic, is my lovely girl called Sharon.

Hobbies? Of course, I love to play my guitars and play Volleyball, sometimes I write on my blog.


You can find most of my personal projects under these cards


Editor, Terminal and apps

Desktop setup

MacBook Pro 13 inches (Mid 2012 - 10 GB of RAM - 258 SSD - running macOS Catalina). that rest in my mStand

i use Compaq s1908a as my main monitor.

My mouse is a Logitech MX Master 2S.

Keychron k6 is the keyboard i use

Devices and others

I use a black iPhone XR - 64GB with Official black case.

I have fun on my PS4 1TB disk space, if you want to play with me please add me, you can find me as cegope on PS network

I love to play guitar on my Schecter Banshee Extreme 6 FR charcoal brust color, my Epiphone Special model and my acoustic Fender